Discover TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate – Protect your investments with TEKSILL

An innovation that reduces water damage

An eco-friendly protection against moisture and mold for better air quality

Evaluation by the Canadian Construction Materials Center

Invented by professionals in the construction industry

TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate contains recycled plastic and it is a recyclable product! VSP protects your home by facilitating water flow and air circulation to reduce damages caused by a flood.

Installs quickly and easily with one CLICK!

TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate comes in 4-foot lengths and attaches directly to the sill plate (2˝x4˝ or 1˝x4˝) with one CLICK. Easy to handle, cut and assemble, TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate can be installed by one person.

Protect your basement from moisture and mold by ensuring continuous ventilation by your walls and floors!

Protect your investments with TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate

Innovative and patented protection against moisture and mould, as well as unforeseen events such as water damage, TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate is the ideal product for reducing flood damage in the basement!

TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate allows better air circulation and flood drainage to accelerate drying and avoid the development of mould.

A proven solution

Results supported by concrete tests, concept elaborated, validated and developed with the support of specialized and reputable research centers. Teksill Solutions Inc. is a member of the APCHQ.
AQMAT Teksill

Improves air quality

By keeping your home’s wood structure dry, TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate improves healthy indoor air quality and extends the life of construction and finishing materials for walls and floors. Your basement remains a comfortable space for the whole family!

Limits the damage caused by flooding

TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate elevates wall and floor structures to allow water flow in the event of a flood. A protection innovation reducing costs repairing basement flooding!

Saves time and money

TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate allows ventilation inside the walls, facilitating cleaning, drying and substantially reducing work time, damages and the cost of renovations after a flood.


TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate contains recycled plastic and is recyclable. It dramatically reduces damages in the event of a flood, resulting in reduced repairs expenditures and a smaller footprint during re-construction.

This product contains 10% of recycled plastic and is recyclable

Many advantages for your home

  • Air circulation
  • Ventilation of walls and floors
  • Water drainage
  • Dramatic drying time
  • Easy restoration work
  • Protection against humidity and mould
  • Prevention and reduced costs
  • Environmentally positive
  • Product accepted by GCR program Garantie Construction Résidentielle

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 2000 litres (500 gallons) of water in a medium-sized basement.

Yes, TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate will make cleaning and any necessary decontamination dramatically easier, and assure draining of the structure is much faster.

Yes! Do not hesitate to ask your contractor, with our retrofit tool.

Even though it can support heavy loads, it is not recommended to install TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate under load-bearing walls without approval from an engineer.

No. Once the wall coverings and baseboards are installed, everything is hidden.

Depending on the size of the construction, TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate adds only 3% to 5% to the cost of finishing a basement.

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Where can I buy TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate?

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Hardware stores

Rona  Roch Gauthier & Fils

1655, de la Cité des Jeunes Blvd
Les Cèdres, QC, J7T 1K9
    450 452-4764

Rona  Roch Gauthier & Fils

68, Ste-Catherine Street
St-Polycarpe, QC, J0P 1X0
    450 265-3256
Rona  Centre de rénovation Ile-Perrot Inc.

1200, du Traversier Blvd 
Pincourt, QC, J7W 0K8

    514 453-3337
    514 453 7944
Rona  Major & Major Inc.

1540, Sauvé East
Montréal, QC, H2C 2A7

    514 389-3588

Rona  Centre de Rénovation St-Patrick

2400, Saint-Patrick Street
Montréal, QC, H3K 1B7

    514 931-2561
    514 931-2558

230, Monseigneur-Langlois Blvd 
Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC, J6S 0A7

    450 373-7272
25, Road 338
Les Côteaux, QC, J7X 1A2
    450 267-3559
    1 800 363-5112
    450 267-0754

Groupe Gagnon  La Grande Quincaillerie

950, Bernier Street
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, J2W 0H4
    450 359-1311

Groupe Gagnon  La Grande Quincaillerie

349, Road 117 North
Mont-Tremblant, QC, J8E 2X4
    819 425-8771

Groupe Gagnon  La Grande Quincaillerie

99, Albert-Ferland Street
Chénéville, QC, J0V 1E0
    819 428-3903

Groupe Gagnon  La Grande Quincaillerie

624, Road 321 North
Saint-André-Avellin, QC, J0V 1W0
    819 983-2449

Groupe Gagnon  La Grande Quincaillerie

114, St-Benoît Blvd West
Amqui, QC, G5J 0E3
    418 629-3267

20, St-Paul E Street
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC, J8C 3M3

    819 326-3844


Centre de Rénovation Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

300-2801 des Promenades Blvd 
Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Qc, J0N 1P0

    450 974-1111
    450 974-8185


Centre de Rénovation Fabreville Inc. 

3009 Dagenais Blvd West
Laval, QC, H7P 1T4

    450 622-6191
    450 622-3530


Centre de Rénovation L’Épiphanie

197 Payette
L’Épiphanie, Qc, J5X 3A1

    450 588-4585
    450 588-6241


Centre de Rénovation Pine-Hill Inc. 

1740 du Nord Rd
Brownsburg-Chatam, Qc, J8G 1E2

    450 533-4500
    450 533-5786


Centre de Rénovation St-Augustin

15491 de St-Augustin Street
Mirabel, Qc, J7N 2B1

    450 475-8051

Supplier of disaster recovery products

745, Grand Bernier North, Local 6
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, J3B 8H7
    833 266-7345


1635, Watkins Rd
Columbus, OH 43207

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