Damage doesn’t have to

Maximize drainage, minimize destruction with TEKSILL Flood Shield System

Nearly 1 in 4 homes in North America is at risk of experiencing a flood over the duration of a typical 30-year mortgage.

Source: Federal Emergency Manage¬ment Agency (FEMA) and Canadian government reports

That’s where the TEKSILL Flood Shield System comes in

Designed with the unpredictability of the future in mind, our click-and-go system seamlessly integrates with your home’s sill plate, converting the base plate of your walls into a floodwater evacuation path. Traditional home construction methods leave us vulnerable. When floodwaters rise, they often get trapped, causing foundational rot, mold growth, and expensive repairs. Rather than letting water linger, our system ensures it’s swiftly directed to proper drainage.

teksill flood shield system

Water’s Relentless Force, Meet TEKSILL’s Unyielding Defense

Year by year, the threat of flooding becomes more pressing for homeowners. TEKSILL offers a reliable defense against these natural challenges. Specifically designed for use under basement walls, the TEKSILL Flood Shield System facilitates free movement of air and water underneath. This groundbreaking technology showcases remarkable durability. Its robust composition ensures it remains stable across varying temperatures, preventing deterioration and inhibiting mold formation. With TEKSILL, safeguard your home from the unpredictability of nature.


Equip your home for the future and ensure that you’re ready for the rising tide of climate change-related flooding events.

Swift Drying

Experience up to 6 times quicker drying times after a flood event. The rapid drying not only saves time but helps mitigate the long-term damage caused by lingering water.

Easy Installation

Our innovative click-and-go system ensures that TEKSILL can be seamlessly integrated into your home’s structure with minimal hassle.

Reduced Post-Flood Effort

Less demolition is needed after floods, preserving the integrity of your home and significantly reducing repair efforts.

Save on Replacement Materials

With TEKSILL’s efficient system, fewer materials are damaged beyond repair, meaning fewer replacements and less overall waste.

Efficient Drying and Mold Prevention

Efficient drying and mold prevention enhanced air circulation ensures a dryer environment post flooding reducing the chances of mold growth compared to traditional methods.


In a world where many insurers are pulling back on flood coverage, TEKSILL offers a financially sound solution to mitigate potential flood damages.

Tested in Real-World Conditions

Our product underwent third-party testing in a dedicated flood house that serves as a training facility for restorators across North America. This ensures the product’s performance in real-life flooding scenarios.

Independent Laboratory Validation

An external, independent laboratory has rigorously tested the durability and efficiency of TEKSILL Ventilated Sill Plate, verifying its effectiveness and reliability.


Is your home ready?

The average flood claims in North America amounted to over $50,000 in the last decade.

Flooding caused billions in damages across North America in recent years, with many individual events resulting in multi-billion-dollar losses.

Source: Insurance Information Institute (III) and Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)