Driving the Revolution in Flood Mitigation

As floods become more frequent, we’re here to lessen the aftermath. Much like gutters direct rain away, our mission is to shield homes at their foundation, reducing the stress and headaches of water damage for homeowners everywhere.

Safeguarding Homes

The visionary and founder of this innovative system, James “Jim” MacDonald, a general contractor, addresses the dire need for effective flood protection and mitigation. With more than 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Jim has witnessed the heartbreak of water damage and he was determined to find a solution. In an effort to protect his clients’ investments, MacDonald invented the TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate (VSP).

James MacDonald’s innovation was more than a product; it was a promise of superior flood protection. He invested his extensive experience and insights into crafting the TEKSILL Flood Shield System, ensuring homeowners face the challenges of flooding head-on.

Our mission has always been definitive – pioneering advanced flood mitigation solutions for homes.

A joined effort in creating the best solution

But this isn’t just Jim’s story. To bring his vision to life, he joined forces with a diverse group of experts. This includes a seasoned professional from a leading financial institution alongside an industry pioneer who supplied restoration products to businesses all over North America, providing deep insights into the effects of flooding.
Over five years, the system was meticulously tested and refined, both in laboratories and real-world settings across 30+ homes. The transformation was evident; homeowners equipped with the TEKSILL Flood Shield System navigated flood scenarios with newfound confidence and significantly reduced damage.

James MacDonald’s innovation was more than a product; it was a promise of superior flood protection.

Collaborative efforts with leading research institutions, including the Centre de Technologie Minérale et de Plasturgie du Québec (CTMP), solidified the system’s efficacy and reliability. By 2019, with endorsements from engineers, post-disaster specialists, and industry consultants, TEKSILL’s Flood Shield System became a house-hold name in flood mitigation.
Lastly Teksill joined forces with a significant recycled plastic product manufacturer who instead of just becoming the producer saw the potential of flood mitigation for all homeowners and embarked on the adventure bringing extensive knowledge in making Teksill the unique solution of its kind to protect the investment of homeowners.

TEKSILL Independently Proven Solution

CCMC Approved

Receive peace of mind knowing that our product is endorsed by the Canadian Construction Materials Center, making it compliant with all Canadian building codes. (Note: For supporting walls, certification by an engineer is required.)