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James MacDonald, General Contractor, invented and developed TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate to reduce water damage in flooded homes. With the help of four experienced associates, his project led to the foundation of the TEKSILL company.

Be a technology leader in innovative moisture control and damage prevention construction materials.

TEKSILL Teksill Vented Sill Plate, an innovation by James MacDonald

Our company was founded by an innovator, James MacDonald, a general contractor with more than 35 years of experience in construction. He sought to prevent water damage and reduce the costs generated by major repairs required after a flood.

In an effort to protect his clients’ investments, MacDonald invented TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate.

The prototype evolved over more than 5 years with installations in more than 30 homes. Seeing his clients reassured and better equipped to deal with floods, he decided to take the next step

The proof of concept was elaborated in partnership with reputable research centers, which conducted in-depth testing. The product was then developed in association with the Centre de Technologie Minérale et de Plasturgie du Québec (CTMP). TEKSILL soon afterwards became a member of the APCHQ.

In 2019, TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate was launched with the support of engineers, experts, post-disaster specialists and specialized consultants who believed in its benefits for all homes.

James MacDonald put his experience, knowledge, time and energy into developing a superior-quality, practical product.

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Discover TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate

TEKSILL Vented Sill Plate is a recyclable plastic product, an innovative concept that facilitates water drainage and promotes air circulation within walls to protect wood structures from moisture and mould.

By promoting better air circulation at all times, this unique product prevents damage and reduces costs after a flood.

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